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Anasayfa Yabancı Kuruluşlar MITRE Corporation

MITRE Corporation

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The MITRE CorporationThe MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit organization chartered to work in the public interest. As a national resource, we apply our expertise in systems engineering, information technology, operational concepts, and enterprise modernization to address our sponsors' critical needs.

MITRE manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs): one for the Department of Defense (known as the DoD Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence FFRDC), one for the Federal Aviation Administration (the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development), one for the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (the Center for Enterprise Modernization), and one for the Department of Homeland Security (the Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute). MITRE also has its own independent research and development program that explores new technologies and new uses of technologies to solve our sponsors' problems in the near-term and in the future.

Our History

MITRE was formed in 1958 as a not-for-profit corporation under the leadership of C.W. Halligan. In the beginning, several hundred employees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratories came to MITRE to create new technology for the Department of Defense—specifically the Semi-Automated Ground Environment, which used brand new digital computers. The company expanded in 1963 after the Federal Aviation Administration gave the company systems engineering responsibility for the projected National Airspace System. MITRE continued to expand as it took on new challenges for new customers, always focused on serving the public interest. Our work in information technology led to the formation of an FFRDC for the Internal Revenue Service in 2000, which now provides enterprise modernization support to numerous government agencies. Over the years, the company has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of its sponsors by providing top-notch engineers and scientists experienced in a wide range of technologies.


Staff Statistics

MITRE has 7,000 scientists, engineers and support specialists—65 percent of whom have Masters or Ph.D. degrees. Staff members work on hundreds of different projects across the company, demanding a high level of technical, operational, and domain knowledge.

Facilities and Offices

The MITRE Corporation has two principal locations: Bedford, Massachusetts, and McLean, Virginia. MITRE also has additional sites across the country and around the world.

Download Further Information

The following documents are available for download through MITRE's Press Center:

The MITRE Corporation: A National Resource [PDF, 794KB]
An overview of The MITRE Corporation, including the four FFRDCs we operate and our internal research program.

Understanding FFRDCs [PDF, 451KB]
This fact sheet defines the term FFRDC and describes MITRE's relationship with its sponsors.

Center for Advanced Aviation System Development [PDF, 517KB]
An overview of the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD), which supports the Federal Aviation Administration.

Center for Enterprise Modernization [PDF, 590KB]
An overview of the Center for Enterprise Modernization (CEM).

Evolving Systems Engineering [PDF, 483KB]
An overview of MITRE's work in Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE).

MITRE Research Program [PDF, 702KB]
An overview of MITRE's research activities carried out through the MITRE Innovation Program (MIP).

Technology Transfer Office [PDF, 706KB]
An overview of research activities carried out through the MITRE Innovation Program.

Center for Transforming Health [PDF, 457KB]
An overview of MITRE's work with federal agencies through all phases of the evolution of their health technology.

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